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Privacy statement

This page informs you about which of your personal or person-related data will be collected, stored or processed on my web site and how this data is being used.

I'm trying hard to collect as little personal data as possible (data parsimony). That is why my web site doesn't use tracking scripts, Google Analytics or similar tools and services.

My web site is hosted at a company, Uberspace. Uberspace and I have entered into a data processing agreement (DPA), which you can view here (only in German).

The usual log files that web servers write have been switched off. In cases of technical problems with the web site or abuse I'm going to switch them on again on a temporary basis, and strictly limited to finding and repairing the problems or fighting abuse.

My web site uses cookies. Those do not contain personal data and will be automatically deleted when you close your web browser. The cookies being stored when you're visiting again another time can not be correlated to the cookies you had last time.

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